Friday, April 22, 2005

BBC News Styleguide


Duration: 1 hour

Avoid clichés and improve your journalism with this PDF version of the BBC News Styleguide. The Guide gives practical suggestions on many aspects of journalism style, including abbreviations, clichés, reported speech - and how to avoid irritating your editor.

Who it's for:
This guide was written for BBC journalists but is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to write well.

Every time anyone writes a script for BBC News they are potentially touching the lives of millions of people – through radio, tv and the internet. That is the privilege of working for one of the biggest news organisations in the world. It brings with it responsibilities. BBC News is expected to set the highest standards in accuracy, fairness, impartiality – and in the use of language. Clear story-telling and language is at the heart of good journalism. This PDF styleguide will help you to strengthen your journalism and connect with your audiences.

Number of modules: 1 module, listed below


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