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Apple //c Unboxing

Apple //c Unboxing, originally uploaded by dansays.

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Imperial Villa

Imperial Villa, originally uploaded by amorphity.

The Cold Eye III

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ConveniaLoad, originally uploaded by a_m_prasad.

Convenia-Load is an easy and cost effective way to place value on your prepaid card. The step by step process and diagram below will help you better understand how Convenia-Load works.

1. Once a cardholder confirms that their card provider is a business member of the Convenia-Load Network, the cardholder must order customized deposit slips through the online ordering system or by calling Convenia-Load Customer Service at 866-99-C-LOAD.

2. Cardholders must select their card program and desired bank with which to deposit funds. Cardholders will receive the customized deposit slips in the mail approximately 4-5 days later.

3. Cardholders simply take their cash and deposit slip into the financial institution and make a deposit with the teller.

4. Upon confirmation of the deposit, Convenia-Load will credit the cardholder account. In most cases the cardholders account will be credited within 24 hours.

5. The cardholder is then free to make purchases against their Convenia-Load deposit.


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This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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Toodledo :: A to-do list to organize your tasks

Use folders, due-dates, priorities, tags, context, goals, notes, time estimates and other information to easily organize, search and sort through your tasks.

Toodledo :: A to-do list to organize your tasks.

Mindomo - Web-based mind mapping software

Mindomo - Web-based mind mapping software.

Comparison of web-based mind mapping applications

The Mind Mapping Software Weblog - Mobile Note Taking and Hands-Free Messaging - Mobile Note Taking and Hands-Free Messaging.

BBC Swimming Video Tutorials

James Gibson's breaststroke masterclass

BBC Sport Player.

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WhatTheFont : MyFonts

Ever wanted to find a font just like the one used by certain publications, corporations, or ad campaigns? Well now you can, using our WhatTheFont font recognition system. Upload a scanned image of the font and instantly find the closest matches in our database. If WhatTheFont can’t figure it out, you can submit your image to the WhatTheFont Forum where cloak-draped font enthusiasts around the world will help you out!

WhatTheFont : MyFonts.

PunBB video tutorials

PunBB video tutorials.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Project Management Source: Memo for Bosses: 101 Ways to Prevent your Office from Hating You

Project Management Source: Memo for Bosses: 101 Ways to Prevent your Office from Hating You


1. Make your employees come in on their days off even when you know there is no real work to be done.

 2. Call them when they are on vacation, not unless the office has burned down, in which case the call is moot anyway.

3. Be biased, play favorites or show partisanship when dealing with your subordinates.


Herding Cats: Difference Between Planing and Scheduling

Herding Cats: Difference Between Planing and Scheduling

Planning is Not the Same as Scheduling

Both are needed. Planning comes first, followed by scheduling.

When we built our home here in Colorado, there were a set of plans created by the architect. I didn't personally build it , I watched it be built by the contractors. These plans showed where the rooms were on the foundation, how these rooms interacted with each other through doors, hallways and open areas. Were the plumbing went. Where the HVAC went. Where the electrical outlets were located and the 100's of other "features" of the home.

These plans were not a schedule for the construction of the house. These plans were not the architecture of the house either. There were elevation and plan views. But the architecture was represented in the conversations between us and the architect.

The drawings were the "Plan" for how the components of the house fit together.

From the plans, the building su

What is managing software development?

Raganwald: What is managing software development?

The fundamental definition: “Management” is

  • accountability for results,
  • authority over resources, and
  • making decisions based on judgement.

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SKY-click, Click to Call, Call centre & Callback solution

SKY-click, Click to Call, Call centre & Callback solution.

The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

Guy Kawaski writes

Ten is the optimal number of slides in a PowerPoint presentation because a normal human being cannot comprehend more than ten concepts in a meeting—and venture capitalists are very normal. (The only difference between you and venture capitalist is that he is getting paid to gamble with someone else’s money). If you must use more than ten slides to explain your business, you probably don’t have a business. The ten topics that a venture capitalist cares about are:

1. Problem
2. Your solution
3. Business model
4. Underlying magic/technology
5. Marketing and sales
6. Competition
7. Team
8. Projections and milestones
9. Status and timeline
10. Summary and call to action

You should give your ten slides in twenty minutes.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

25 Things I Hate About Google

 SearchEngineWatch writes

Remember, just because there's much I hate doesn't mean there's not a lot I love. In fact, anyone in a relationship knows that often the people you can hate the most are the same people that you love the most. You know them intimately; you want perfection. So on the love side, see my 25 Things I Love About Google post.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Wooing in the McKinsey Way .... MECE !!!



How can Sujayath woo the girl?

- Go to her house, get introduced and somehow replace Sachin on weekends

- Get her mobile number somehow, make blank calls and gradually progress to a date

- Get her email Id / messenger Id, chat with her and gradually progress to a date

- Join her company and replace Sachin in the bus and in the weekends

- Meet her in the restaurant, get introduced and make it a habit to eat with her. Then gradually move to a date.

- Change the hair-style and dressing to look like a North Indian

- Remove moustache

- Read Kushwant Singh Joke books so that some jokes could be sprinkled while talking to her

Monday, February 13, 2006

Multi-touch Screens - TabletMac ?


Friday, February 10, 2006

How to Fund a Startup


This article is meant to be a complete summary of funding options for startup founders. In effect we're open-sourcing the kernel of what we tell founders about funding at Y Combinator

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How to Become an Early Riser


The optimal solution for me has been to combine both approaches. It’s very simple, and many early risers do this without even thinking about it, but it was a mental breakthrough for me nonetheless. The solution was to go to bed when I’m sleepy (and only when I’m sleepy) and get up with an alarm clock at a fixed time (7 days per week). So I always get up at the same time (in my case 5am), but I go to bed at different times every night.

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deviantART: where ART meets application!

deviantART: where ART meets application!


Getting it Right - Vs

Ari Paparo Dot Com: Getting it Right

1. Avoid categorization where possible :) (To-do)
2. Do not be over optimistic (Not-to-do)
3. Take calculated risks (To-do)
4. Do not overspend (To-do)
5. Listen to your users/Seek opinion & feedback/Be proactive (To-do)
6. Perform usablity studies (To-do)
7. Research your market and nail down the requirements (To-do)
8. Do not over-do (To-do)
9. More talk(marketing) & less walk(development) (Not-to-do)
10. Keep it(a product/service) simple and yet configurable (To-do)
11. Don't give up on your dreams (To-do)
12. Learn from mistakes (To-do)
13. Ignore profitablity plan/exit criteria (Not-to-do)
14. Bootstrap if possible (to-do)
15. Develop a brand (to-do)

Ah..that was simple rather than trying to categorize things(point#1) into:
-Things you've done well in the past
-Things you could have avoided and should avoid in future
-Things you could have done better



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0   24 H in a D   
1  26 L of the A  
2  7 D of the W  
3  7 W of the W  
4  12 S of the Z  
5  66 B of the B  
6  52 C in a P (W J)  
7  13 S in the U S F  
8  18 H on a G C  
9  39 B of the O T  
10  5 T on a F  
11  90 D in a R A  
12  3 B M (S H T R)  
13  32 is the T in D F at which W F  
14  15 P in a R T  
15  3 W on a T  
16  100 C in a D  
17  11 P in a F (S) T  
18  12 M in a Y  
19  13 is U F S  
20  8 T on an O  
21  29 D in F in a L Y  
22  27 B in the N T  
23  365 D in a Y  
24  13 L in a B D  
25  52 W in a Y  
26  9 L of a C  
27  60 M in an H  
28  23 P of C in the H B  
29  64 S on a C B  
30  9 P in S A  
31  6 B to an O in C  
32  1000 Y in a M  
33  15 M on a D M C

Impact Lab - The Coming Collapse of Income Tax


Thomas Frey: Within the next ten years the income tax system in the United States will be dismantled. A number of emerging new forces coupled with the universal dislike of the system will soon gain enough of a toehold to cause it to collapse.

Pro-Active Steps to Prevent Procrastination -


Time Taking Projects

Instead of giving the task only one line in the “to do” list, itemize each part of the project so that instead of one task, it becomes a series of tasks. It will take the same length of time, but at least it feels as if we have done something with our day.

Tasks We Hate

Put jobs that are disliked at the top of the “to do” list so that they are over and done with in the first part of the morning, and the rest of the day can be spent doing more pleasant tasks.

Needing Perfection/Fear of Failure

Think about what the worst thing that could happen would be if the project wasn’t perfect, but instead was a good as we can possibly make it. Then allocate a set amount of time each day to work on the project, allowing plenty of time to edit/review before the deadline. Realizing that it’s possible to perfect something to the point at which it starts to lose the original focus is another way of knowing when to let go of a project instead of keeping it on the list for yet another day instead of finishing it and sending it to the outbox.

One of the best ways of overcoming procrastination however is effective time management. This means identifying which scheduling tools work best for us, and making sure that we clearly identify and prioritize each task that we need to do each day. Keeping the above solutions in mind, we need to organize each working day so that our procrastination issues are dealt with and we end each day knowing that tomorrow is a day when we start a new set of tasks without having to deal with the ones we didn’t want to do today!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Splunk > Welcome

Splunk > Welcome


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

HR - Perspective


1.) Talent is more expensive than capital.
2.) A portfolio is more important than a diploma.
3.) Recruiting is a sales function, not an administrative function.
4.) Recruiting is a fundamental business driver.
5.) Recruiting must run as a separate P&L within the business.
6.) Talent is defined by production, not opportunity ("Real artists ship").
7.) A requisition is a non-critical financial document designed to manage risk.
8.) Great recruiting organizations design for reward.
9.) Bad recruiting organizations operate to manage risk.
10.) Quality is not a measure of satisfaction. Quality is a measure of the frequency and range of variation to a specification.
11.) The recruiting "specification" is a job description. There is never scientific rigor applied to the creation of job specifications. That is why recruiting can't be held accountable for quality. That is also why recruiting needs to own organizational development.
12.) Talent is not a person. Talent is a capability.
13.) Talent is not an employment contract. Talent is the delivery of the capability.
14.) In every recruiting sale there are three customers: the company, the client (hiring manager) and the candidate. All three must be closed simultaneously.
15.) Time to fill is a worthless statistic. It measures administrative cycle times. "Strike zone" is the appropriate measure - hitting the defined specification for delivery of talent.
16.) Cost per hire is a worthless statistic. It measures neither the contribution of good recruiting nor the cost of bad recruiting. This is why recruiting must be a P&L function.
17.) Management should have no insight into recruiting budgets, nor any control over any recruiting headcount or line items. Recruiting must be profitable. Period. How that gets done is up to the recruitment management, as long as it is consistent with regulation and the organization's values.
18.) Recruiting does not exist for the candidate or the client (hiring manager). It exists for the company.
19.) Most companies have no idea how to define, defend, attract, integrate and manage talent. So recruiting generally exists for something that isn't even there: the company's understanding of the value of talent.
20.) Talent is more expensive than capital. This simple fact will change the world in ways not envisioned since the 1800s.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

International Crisis Group

The International Crisis Group is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation, with over 110 staff members on five continents, working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict.

Crisis Group's approach is grounded in field research. Teams of political analysts are located within or close by countries at risk of outbreak, escalation or recurrence of violent conflict. Based on information and assessments from the field, Crisis Group produces regular analytical reports containing practical recommendations targeted at key international decision-takers. Crisis Group also publishes CrisisWatch, a 12-page monthly bulletin, providing a succinct regular update on the state of play in all the most significant situations of conflict or potential conflict around the world.

Crisis Group's reports and briefing papers are distributed widely by email and printed copy to officials in foreign ministries and international organisations and made generally available at the same time via the organisation’s Internet site, Crisis Group works closely with governments and those who influence them, including the media, to highlight its crisis analyses and to generate support for its policy prescriptions.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

handwriting tips

handwriting tips


You’ve decided you want to improve your handwriting and you’re probably hoping a fountain pen will do the trick -- maybe a friend told you it would. Maybe you’re just adventurous and you want to try your hand at calligraphy (or you might, once your handwriting improves). Good for you!

20 Best License-Free Official Fonts

Vitaly Friedman | Blog: 20 Best License-Free Official Fonts

Recently I’ve been browsing through the Net searching for the best license-free fonts which would fit as a serious heading for a serious online-presentation. Fortunately, I wasn’t the first web-developer, who was trying to find such fonts. One of the best resources I’ve found was Gerrit van Aaken’s essays collection “Freie Schriften im Portrait” (free fonts in a portrait) in German language. Before reading this article any further I strongly suggest you to visit Gerrit’s site and add it to bookmarks, for it is regularly updated and contains great links and a great fonts library. Besides, I’ve found some collections, created by freelancing typo-artists, such as Manfred Klein’s Fonteria, Designer In Action: Fonts,, Apostrophic

Monday, October 03, 2005

Infinity Testing - Good V-Model


The V-Model is a proven, industry standard framework that defines the standard development life cycle. It gives equal weight to testing rather than treating it as an afterthought.

 The V-Model requires that each deliverable be verified in an attempt to identify defects as early as possible and ensure that specifications are complete and correct. The V-Model specifies that activities in one stage must be completed before moving on to the next stage.

The V-Model saves time and money in development while increasing the result quality and the delivery reliability.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Grouped Email Addresses in GMail

anildigital's Blog - It's all about technology

Click on Contacts (left-side menu) and choose Add Contact (top right corner). Enter a name for the group in the Name field. Then in the Primary Email field start inputting the addresses of group members. Here is the trick: leave out the first and last brackets.

eyeOS project: Internet based Operating System. Taking your life everywhere



 EyeOS is a free, cross-platform Personal Content Manager System based upon the style of a Desktop Operating System. The base package includes the whole Operating System structure and ten apps, as a Calendar, a File Manager, a Text Editor, an Internal Messenger, a Browser and a Calculator.

EyeOS's is thought to provide a complete, scalable and free (GPL Licensed) Organization and Work System. It's scalable, so everyone can port an existing PHP app to EyeOS and create a meta-package for installing it.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Vonage - The Broadband Phone Company

Vonage - The Broadband Phone Company


Monday, September 26, 2005

Skype Journal: Skype's Product Development Roadmap Through February 2006


Skype Journal begged Skype to share their near term product roadmap with independent developers. Recently they've started to do just that, in private forums for their beta developers, at meetings of their developers' advisory board, and last night at their "Skype Night" for developers meeting at VON Boston. Normal caveats: everything is subject to change, we don't know what the new feature names really mean, and this all comes out for Windows first.

Here is the chart as projected for the audience.


QPR Software - Balanced Scorecard and Business Process Management software

QPR Software - Balanced Scorecard and Business Process Management software

QPR ScoreCard is collaboratively used to plan, implement, communicate and commit people on organizational strategies and objectives.


QPR ProcessGuide is collaboratively used to plan, implement, communicate and commit people on business process improvement.


Saturday, September 24, 2005

Trachtenberg Multiplication

Trachtenberg Multiplication

1. always place one zero in front of the first multiplier for each digit of the second multiplier.

2. apply the rule acording to the second multiplier, working through the digits of the first multiplier from right to left

The rule will call for doubling or taking half. Taking half of even numbers presents no problem. Uneven numbers ("odd" numbers) are divided as: half of 1 is 0, half of 3 is 1, half of 5 is 2, half of 7 is 3, half of 9 is 4.
For odd numbers the rule will sometimes call for a special procedure.

  Multiply by   Rule
 11  Add the neighbor
 12  Double, add the neighbor
  6  Add half the neighbor plus 5 if number is odd
  7  Double, add half the neighbor, add 5 if number is odd
  5  Take half of the neighbor, add 5 if the number is odd
  9  1. Last digit: subtract from 10 
  2. Middle digits: subtract from 9 and add the neighbor 
  3. First digit: (the leading zero) subtract 1 from the neighbor.
  8  1. Last digit: subtract from 10 and double 
  2. Middle digits: subtract from 9 and double, add the neighbor 
  3. First digit: (the leading zero) subtract 2 from the neighbor.
  4  1. Last digit: subtract from 10, add 5 if odd 
  2. Middle digits: subtract from 9, add half neighbor, +5 if odd 
  3. First digit: (the leading zero): half the neighbor less 1.
  3  1. Last digit: subtract from 10, double, +5 if odd 
  2. Middle digits: subtract from 9, double, add half neighbor, +5 if odd. 
  3. First digit: (the leading zero) half the neighbor and subtract 2.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Philip Koether Architects

Philip Koether Architects

Friday, September 16, 2005 -- Links to essays in Best Software Writing I -- Links to essays in Best Software Writing I

Joel Spolsky - Introduction


Enabling Financial Services Providers to Build More Satistying and Profitable Customer Relationship


Personal Finance & Bill Pay

  • OnCenter - a powerful suite of personal finance applications, including portfolio manager, alerts, bill reminders, expense tracker, net worth view, and more
  • Funds Transfer - enables real-time money movement between any two financial accounts
  • BillDirect - the only bill pay to offer real-time payments and full bill presentment
  • CardDirect - the only bill pay to enable card payments and earn FSPs interchange revenue
  • Direct Payments SDK - the easiest way to “card-enable” existing bill pay applications to earn revenue for every payment

Wealth Management

  • AdvisorView - alerts financial advisors to specific opportunities (e.g., 401k Rollovers) to bring additional assets under management and offer more holistic client advice.

Risk Management

  • Instant Account Verification - dramatically reduces the risks and costs of online transactions by verifying account ownership and available funds in real-time

Market Research

  • InsideView - enables market research firms to automate or supplement current research methods to lower costs, decrease panelist attrition, and enhance data insights on consumer behavior

Jim Loy's Mathematics Page

Jim Loy's Mathematics Page

 "He must be a 'practical' man who can see no poetry in mathematics." - W. F. White. - AIM,ICQ, MSN, Y! : Real cool



Thursday, September 15, 2005

GLAT - Google Labs Aptitude Test




With Bindows™ you can develop fully functional desktop applications in a web page, without any plugins.

Whether you prefer to strictly follow OOP best practices or use the latest RAD flavour of the month, Bindows™ provides you with the tools for developing efficient and flexible Rich Internet Applications.

The Bindows™ Framework provides you with:

  • A class based, Object Oriented API
  • A complete windowing system with a wide array of supported widgets including menus, forms, grids, sliders, gauges and more.
  • The leading toolkit for developing zero-footprint SOA client-side applications.
  • Native XML, SOAP and XML-RPC support
  • Single user to enterprise level support.

Have both Rich & Thin

Bindows break the paradigm where you need to choose between rich (interface) and thin (client). Bindows applications can be as rich as any modern desktop application and extremely thin (and of course zero-footprint). Bindows applications are:

  • Rich, customizable, with desktop-like GUI components
  • Run in standard browsers without any installation (zero-footprint)
  • No proprietary clients, runtime engines, or plug-ins