Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Herding Cats: Difference Between Planing and Scheduling

Herding Cats: Difference Between Planing and Scheduling

Planning is Not the Same as Scheduling

Both are needed. Planning comes first, followed by scheduling.

When we built our home here in Colorado, there were a set of plans created by the architect. I didn't personally build it , I watched it be built by the contractors. These plans showed where the rooms were on the foundation, how these rooms interacted with each other through doors, hallways and open areas. Were the plumbing went. Where the HVAC went. Where the electrical outlets were located and the 100's of other "features" of the home.

These plans were not a schedule for the construction of the house. These plans were not the architecture of the house either. There were elevation and plan views. But the architecture was represented in the conversations between us and the architect.

The drawings were the "Plan" for how the components of the house fit together.

From the plans, the building su


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